Sectoral Experience

This historic web page shows the broad range of industry sectors covered over 30+ years

Each sector is covered in more detail in the following panels

Food & Drink Sector

  • Food & drink products
  • Packaging
  • Ingredients
  • Retail /Food Service equipment
  • Process design & equipment

Engineering & Environment

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Electricity / Power Engineering
  • Metalworking
  • Recovery & Recycling
  • Railways

Information Technology

Early assignments covered the various parts of the comprehensive IT manufacturing process when Ireland was a major European manufacturing location for Apple, DELL, etc, and supported a major supplier cluster from metal fabrication to cables, keyboards, packaging, language localisation, CD-ROMs and instruction manuals, etc.

Construction & Household Products

Assignments mainly involved market research and due diligence for Public Companies searching for and acquiring private companies to broaden their product range or achieve scale economies.

Life Sciences

The Medical Device industry in Ireland developed from the original major international companies, and lead to a critical mass of local suppliers in areas such as sterile packaging to clean rooms to complex injection moulding.

Assignments included Operating Room anti-decubitus products, Kinetic Therapy beds for quadriplegics, Point of Care Diagnostic equipment and tests, and Contract Pharmaceutical services.

Print, Packaging & Paper

Assignments covered a broad range of sub-sectors from Flexible food packaging to 1-tonne bulk intermediate containers (IBCs) for shipping powders and similar raw materials.

Projects also included formes and dies, vision inspection, and recovery and recycling. An example is a €5 million investment in PET bottle recycling to create food quality rPET.


Research assignments covered areas including Power Supplies, Silicon Design, EMI Shielding, Automated Testing, etc.

Quaestus worked closely as the Marketing Partner for the Irish national telecoms research agency, which coordinated the activities of various university telecoms research institutes.


Quaestus worked closely as the Marketing Partner for the Irish national plastics research centre.

Industry projects included Rotational Moulding, Tyre recovery, Fire Retardent power cables for railways, Twin-Wall PP sheeting, Twin-Wall Corrugated Pipe, Film Insert Moulding, Toolmaking, and many more.